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Salon Consultant.

Salon Consultant has one simple goal... to help you, the professional hairdresser make more money!


We have been doing this successfully for 5 years and have over 15 years experience in the professional hairdressing industry.

We offer concepts, seminars, strategies and an academy to help you with “any” aspect of running your salon business.

Really Retailing

Super Service
Your Salon Business

Salon Branding
Salon Leadership
Statistics & Analysis

Salon Marketing
Product Sourcing
Cut & Color

Men’s Cutting
Trend Collection

Alternatively, we also offer consultancy specific to your salon’s needs.
We look forward to working with you “to enable your success”.
We hope that you enjoy your visit!

Michael Lane




really retailing

Yes we retail, or yes we REALLY retail.... that is the question!
This subject has been the talk of our industry for years.... yet for many salons (There are ALWAYS exceptions!) getting their retail sales to 10% of their salon turnover is still mission impossible! The good news is that getting to 15-25% is a lot easier than you think!

The Really Retailing concept is about 3 things - attitude, reasons to buy and retail environment.

  • Do all the salon team have the right attitude towards the customer using the right product ?
  • Do we give the customer regular and exciting reasons to buy the products?
  • Do we have a retail environment that really works for the customer?


The Really Retailing concept has been tried and tested successfully by many salons in Europe.
Salon Consultant has worked with open-minded salon owners, who have invested in their staff, their retail offerings and their retail environment to enable their success !

The Really Retailing concept will work in any type of salon; 2 operator or 10, high street or village location, single brand or multi brand, there are no limitations on enabling your success!

A partnership with Salon Consultant and the Really Retailing concept, will allow you to focus on retail success, without any hassle! Salon Consultant will run the whole cocept for you from as little as £59.00/month over a 2 year period!

The Really Retailing concept is the cornerstone of our business, we want to talk to ALL salon owners about the Really Retailing concept .We invite you to let us help you “enable your retail success”!




super service

Having a well designed and merchandised retail area alone, is not enough! The invisible part of achieving increased retail sales comes from delivering Super Service and communicating, the so called


The Super Service concept takes you and your staff through every step of delivering the WOW FACTOR to your customers every time they visit the salon, and guarantees that they go home with the right product, as well as looking and feeling a million dollars.
The Super Service concept is a hi-energy and full-on look at how we currently serve and communicate with our customers in the salon.
The Super Service concept will shock and inspire (in that order) you and your salon team!
What works, what does not work when dealing with customers!
It’s the small things that matter!
The Super Service concept gives you all the tools,
(6 Point Service Path, Body Language Tips, Role Plays and Happiness), for you to develop a customer led service and communication policy.

Don’t worry! Be happy!





The Salon Consultant Seminar program is designed to help salon owners and managers to become more effective at running their salon businesses! We have been working with salon owners for over 15 years. Our experience has taught us that salons want and need development programs that are a mix of self help and targeted consultancy. Our follow-up consultancy services are tailored to your needs, which maximizes success and minimizes cost.



Each of our 3 seminars empowers salon owners and managers to take action to improve the way they run their salon business. Our seminars are designed for groups 10 delegates.
The seminars follow a 1 day format, divided into morning and afternoon sessions. The morning session focuses on the subject in hand and is classroom/tutorial based. The afternoon session is focused on specific project/team exercises designed to help the delegates deal practically with the subject in hand. A complete set of support materials are provided for both sessions.

Your Salon Business - Salon Owners /Managers
Branding Your Salon - Salon Owners/Managers
Leading Your Salon - Salon Owners/Managers




your salon business

This seminar is the starting point for all subsequent Salon Consultant Business Seminars. Here we examine exactly what is involved in running a successful salon business. This seminar takes no prisoners and confronts ALL the issues, including (Leadeship, Finance, Operations, Staff, Marketing and Measurement Systems) around running a modern salon business! It also provides clear and easy to follow guidelines and strategies to get salon owners on the right path. But remember there is no gain without pain!




branding your salon

This seminar cuts through all the “Bla Bla Bla” around branding. What is branding? What is my brand? How do I manage my brand? How do I make my brand a success? And not have to spend a fortune? All this and much more... you are your brand!




leading your salon

Leaders are born not made?! This is a much disputed debate. This seminar shares with you how to become a great, loved, respected and successful leader. We will identify your natural talents and link them to a clear and solid leadership structure. It is our most challenging and rewarding seminar. We will put you on the path to forging strong, enduring and rewarding relationships with ALL your staff!





All Salon Consultant seminars are priced at £199.00/delegate.
Consultancy/ support services are available with every seminar.




statistics & analysis

Use the data from your computer system to build strategies for extra income.
We work with you to build strategies that are tailored to your salon’s specific needs.




salon marketing

Create effective promotions targeted at the right customers, at the right time to boost your salon income and profit.
We work with you to create joined up promotions that really bring in the money. Currently our “Introduce A Man” and “Introduce A Best Friend” are really popular. All promotions are tailored to your salon’s specific needs.




product sourcing

Having the right products for your salon and for your clients, is more important to-day than ever before. As part of the Really Retailing concept, we help salons to source the right products for themselves as professional hairdressers, and more importantly for their clients! Stocking a multitude of brands works only for those salons that run their retail shops as pure retail shops!
For the vast majority of hairdressers, stocking between 3 and 5 brands is normally enough-
1. To cope with
2. To offer a product choice that will match the needs of all your clients!


In the last 15 years we have used the Really Retailing concept to work successfully with a number of manufacturers and are happy to endorse them as part of the service that we offer. Below is a list of our partner suppliers and links to their websites.

American CrewUK, Germany & Scandinavia

D:FI UK, Germany & Scandinavia

MOP UK, Germany & Scandinavia

Kevin MurphyUK, Germany & Scandinavia

NXT ColorUK, Germany & Scandinavia






We have a passionate commitment to creative hairdressing. Enabling the creative hairdresser is just as important to us as enabling pure business success.
Why? Because generally you cannot have one without the other!


We run a Spring and Autumn season of events/seminars

  • Cut & Color
  • Men’s Cutting
  • Trend Collections

LOOK OUT for our full program of 2010 Spring and Autumn Season Events!

The 2009 program is SOLD OUT!




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ambassador salons

Listed below are a few of the salons that we have helped in the UK and Europe.
We invite you to contact them and get an impartial view of who we are and what we do!

The Point UK
Ian Haben

Hair Fusion Belgium
Louis Cuelemans E-mail

Donna Locke Germany
Nena Werfel E-mail

Hair Construction Denmark
Jan Lauritsen E-mail





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+44 . 8888 666 777 (UK)
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